Brown Eyes, Blue Skies

It was just us two, that summer. My all time muse, my best friend. Days filled with sun, beaches and your brown eyes. Evenings with wine at our swimming pool, early mornings with greek yogurt and bananas. Falling asleep at the beach under the blue skies after a dive in the deep dark water.

Photography - Lana Prins
Styling - Lana Prins & Charlotte Bijl
Muse - Charlotte Bijl
Location - Folegandros, Santorini

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Modern Woman

This shoot was very spontaneous, I had contacted Rikki and the next day we shot. The idea behind it was just to keep in very simple with no stylists or makeup artists. I love the feeling of timeless photos and that was the main inspiration for the shoot. The beach seemed like an easy backdrop to the shoot and fit the mood of it perfectly.

Photography & Styling - Jack Belli (Instagram)
Muse - Rikki Barton (Instagram)

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We were looking for a set that feels out of time and space, a story where mountain and ocean meet black beaches and volcanic rocks. We were eager for more raw and natural feelings. The main idea here was to work with the wind and let a dialogue build in between the body and the landscapes.

Photography - Damien Vignaux (Instagram)
Styling - Sophia Schwan (Instagram)
Muse - Alex Mru (Instagram)
Assistant - Jaq Szymczak (Instagram)

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The Weather That Breaks

Lately I have really been looking at a lot of Peter Lindbergh’s work and pushing my work in that direction. So on a recent trip to Perth I contacted model Fabienne Van Der Hagen, whom I have photographed a few times, and teamed up with stylist Chloe Christos to create something that had the sense of drama that I am loving at the moment. I chose a day, the forecast was rain, but we pushed ahead and we got very lucky with the weather. The grey sky worked for us and with some moments of sun it made for some very interesting light. The idea and direction was to keep it simple with mostly earth tones and whites, some bandage and a few pieces from Fabi’s wardrobe….

The weather gods were good to us indeed.

Photography - Jody Pachniuk(Instagram)
Styling - Chloe Christos
Muse - Fabienneof Chadwick Models

Shot at City Beach, Perth, Western Australia

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Explorar, dejarse ir,
fluir sin un fin, como vos,
como yo, como el río.
A veces tan turbio,
a veces tan calmo.
Me ahogo en tus ojos,
me abrigo en tu piel.
El tiempo no existe ahí donde estamos.

English Translation:

Explore, letting yourself go,
flowing without an end, like you,
like me, like the river.
Sometimes so turbid, sometimes so calm
I drown in your eyes, I take shelter in your skin
Where we are, time doesn’t exist.

Photography and Poem - Maxi Guterman (Instagram)
Muse - Silvina Tavella (Instagram)

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The Wanderlovers

The Wanderlovers is about love and being totally interconnected. It’s a part of a visual stream of consciousness. It’s about an emotion in a simple photo. Somewhat high art, but also not so serious at all. Its about love. And putting yourself in this wacky extreme place of love where you truly connect with people. It can make you appear so bizarre, but if you have a real moment with someone it’s magical completely worth it. It’s pure light.

Photographer & Director - Nicole Anne Robbins (Instagram)
Styling - Van Van Alonso (Instagram)
Hair - Jojo Torres (Instagram)
Makeup - Sarah Haley (Instagram)
Models - all with Photogenics in LA
Kota, Erika, Rachel, Abigail
Dylan, Andrew, Justin

Music - Nitesky by Robot Koch (Instagram)

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Sunday Girl

The story follows our heroine as she ambles along city streets, dreams in Central Park and spends the day adrift in New York City. The images are a love letter to the careless days of our youth spent in reverie; an endless Sunday.

Photographer - Amber Byrne Mahoney (Instagram)
Styling - Amanda Lee Shirreffs (Instagram)
Makeup - Allison Perlstein (Instagram)
Hair - Rubi Jones (Instagram)
Muse - Katya @ Women 360 (Instagram)

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In a time where we are always plugged in; to our iPods, our phones and our computers, I wanted to take the time to return to our most natural state of being, in the only place best suited for it…. nature.

As a fashion photographer, I wanted a fresh take on a self portrait series, to combine the poses of a model with the composition of art photography.

Photographer & Model - Ivy Erlinger (Instagram)
Photo assistants - Elizabeth Newberry & Fraser Hemphill

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Our first story in our second issue is a fantastic series entitled Lanzarote, shot on the road by the talented Marta Bevacqua embodying the true essence of Wanderlust. “I did this amazing trip with these wonderful people. After 3 years of fashion, I tried to put together art, fashion and reportage, to tell the story of one of my latest experiences.”

Photography - Marta Bevacqua (Instagram)
Muses - Alessandra Barbieri, Rebecca Rocchi, Rafael Wolanowski

Lanzarote (Canary Islands) - September 2014

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