The Wanderlovers

The Wanderlovers is about love and being totally interconnected. It’s a part of a visual stream of consciousness. It’s about an emotion in a simple photo. Somewhat high art, but also not so serious at all. Its about love. And putting yourself in this wacky extreme place of love where you truly connect with people. It can make you appear so bizarre, but if you have a real moment with someone it’s magical completely worth it. It’s pure light.

Photographer & Director - Nicole Anne Robbins (Instagram)
Styling - Van Van Alonso (Instagram)
Hair - Jojo Torres (Instagram)
Makeup - Sarah Haley (Instagram)
Models - all with Photogenics in LA
Kota, Erika, Rachel, Abigail
Dylan, Andrew, Justin

Music - Nitesky by Robot Koch (Instagram)

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