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The Shelter of Solitude

byUrko Suayatext byMarius Troy

Urko Suaya jumped gracefully into the world of fashion photography several years ago, shooting what he refers to as the “most gorgeous girls in Buenos Aires.” And for our first cover story on the new Ben Trovato Suaya did exactly that; Mica Argañaraz seems to be of another world.

“Mica was the perfect one for this story. Her purity and sensuality inspired the whole shoot.”

The Shelter of Solitude is a story about a natural and beautiful woman surrounded by her own magical and abstract world, -her shelter.

Doing Mica’s natural makeup was Elisa Heros, hair stylist was Carolina Gonzales, and the minimal delicate styling was done by Nicole Segal. “The team was great,” Suaya tells us. “The whole crew were very professional and did a splendid job. We shared some other experiences in the past, so we know each other very well what makes us enjoy and love what we do.

Stylist Segal says her most important focus when styling Mica was to not overshadow her natural beauty, but rather compliment it by bringing in light garments in pale colors to create contrast.