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byClaire Huishtext byMarius Troy

London based fashion photographer Claire Huish has always known she wanted to work in fashion, but it wasn’t until she was older that she realised that photographer was the right path for her. “Starting to take pictures was extraordinary for me, because suddenly I discovered a medium that enabled me to convey my imagination’s creations,” Huish tells us. Today we are releasing her debut story for Ben Trovato, Drive. Here’s what she said about it.

Could you describe Drive for us, and how the concept came about?
The concept came from my fascination with traditional Japanese beauty – the mysterious allure of the geisha, and the delicate colour palette of Japanese paintings. This was combined with the slick, and slightly tacky 80s aesthetic of the film ‘Drive’ – I loved the styling of Ryan Gosling’s character – especially the silk bomber jacket. We fused these influences to create the mood of the editorial.

Model Justine from Models 1 seems to fit the bill perfectly with her exotic look, how was she to work with?
Justine was fantastic – she understood the mood and needed very little direction. She also has a very versatile look and adapted to the different styles.

You brought on stylist Olivia Wright, and hair stylist and makeup artist Monica Storrs, have you guys worked together before?
Yes! I love working with Olivia and Monica – they are both super talented and always get my concepts but bring a lot of their own ideas, imagination and skill to the shoot. I also love shooting at 1_14 Studio – the available light is beautiful and suits my style of shooting, and the studio manager Mariann always makes me and my team feel at home!

Olivia Wright, how did you approach the concept when pulling clothes for the shoot?
Being given a mix of themes such as the Japanese Geisha and the 80s feel of Kavinsky’s electro house soundtrack for the film Drive lead me straight to the newest creatives of our generation. Playing with a mix of Origami and 80s structured shapes, as well as texture, print and embellishment here we feature graduates from LCF, CSM & Istituto Marangoni … without them I don’t think my job would be half as fun!