I have no idea where this was shot,” Kesler Tran says of his third Ben Trovato story. Tran and the three models - Kelley, Leore and Colleen, got in the car one afternoon and set off into the desert with one thing on their mind: Let the location inspire them!

The result is a simple and natural story, with a somewhat dark undertone. “It was almost as if we welcomed the sunset in a spiritual way, after a blistering 115 degree afternoon,” Tran says.

Refugee was brilliantly styled by Kelley, who’s not exactly a newbie to Ben Trovato, having been involved in more than five stories prior to this one.

Although the team was minimal, and the heat unbearable, Tran couldn’t have been happier with the decision to just leave the city and shoot something completely improvised. “And the girls were great, especially considering how hot it was, driving around from one location to the next.

Living Is A Gamble by Graham Dunn

California summers, nostalgia, and the idea of found footage were things that inspired Graham Dunn when shooting his third story and second film for Ben Trovato, Living Is A Gamble.

The still photos are at the bottom of the post.

It’s a simple story of two best friends’ summer day, featuring Kelley Ash and Jenny Sirney. “- I love working with Kelley and Jenny because they’re so able to get into character and that makes things feel more natural and real,” Graham says, continuing “You also can’t beat working with your friends when you have a chance to.

It’s also a special occasion for us as Ben Trovato, as we love the work of every single team member, and while it’s Graham’s third story for us, it is the fifth story styled by Wild At Heart, Kelley Ash’ fourth story, Jenny’s second, and makeup artist Juxta‘s second. A true Ben Trovato team.

I work with Juxta quite a bit…she’s super talented and does natural makeup really well, which isn’t easy. Plus we’re married, so it’s a family affair! I try to work with Wild at Heart as much as possible too—such an amazing stylist and the vintage keeps things looking authentic because the clothes are the real deal,” Graham tells us.

Wild At Heart says:

“For the styling I was leaning more towards free spirited 70′s child. I just had to channel my inner Stevie Nicks.”

And the result is an amazing video shot on 8mm film accompanied by a just as amazing photo story shot with different analogue cameras.

I wanted the video to look like found footage from the era, so I shot it on film and transferred it DIY-style so things look old. I like working with and mixing different formats.

Shot, directed & Edited by Graham Dunn
Styled by Wild At Heart
Hair & Makeup by Juxta
Models are:
Kelley Ash @ Q
Jenny Sirney @ Click
Music is “Blues Run the Game” by Nick Drake

All clothing is vintage.

I Just Wanna Have Something To Do by Graham Dunn

Graham Dunn stepped up on the Ben Trovato stage back in November with his fashion editorial starring Sabine at Next, entitled The Girl At The End Of The World. We loved it, you loved it, and Graham loved it. So much that only a bit over a month after his first story we’re pulling the wraps off of his second shoot for us; an editorial and film entitled I Just Wanna Have Something To Do.

The story is a day in the life of two best friends who are tuff enuff,” Graham tells us, inspired by the Ramones song I Just Want To Have Something To Do.

The stars of the editorial and film are Jenny Sirney with Click, and Kelley Ash with Q, who should be a familiar face to the Ben Trovato reader since this is the fourth Ben Trovato editorial she appears in.

Stylist Coryn Madley, who also styled the infamous Libertine by Harper Smith, joined the team together with makeup artist Karina Moore, and hair stylist Danielle Cedillo. “Karina and Danielle did some beautiful retro makeup and hair, and Coryn and Wild At Heart collaborated on the styling, throwing in hints of Kurt Cobain, Patti Smith, and Joan Jett,” Graham says. “Of course Jenny and Kelley played the two rockstars perfectly.

The team was great to work with— We tore around L.A. leaving behind a wake of french fries and broken hearts.


Shot & Cut by Graham Dunn
Styled by Coryn Madley with Wild At Heart
Hair by Danielle Cedillo
Makeup by Karina Moore
Models are Kelley Ash @ Q & Jenny Sirney @ Click
Music is “I Just Wanna Have Something To Do” by The Ramones
All clothing is vintage.

Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? by Aaron Feaver

We wanted to do a story that had an old-timey vibe with a little religious fanaticism and sisterly unease thrown in,” says Aaron Feaver, who’s just shot his second exclusive Ben Trovato Fashion editorial. “The clothes, the hairstyles, the broken old houses…we wanted everything to reflect the personalities and world of these two girls who were serious and quiet but where something wasn’t right,” he continues. The Los Angeles based photographer made his debut on Ben Trovato back in July with a beautiful black and white story shot at the Salton Sea, featuring Shannon Roxanne with Q Models. The couple has again joined forces when producing another amazing story for us, entitled Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?.

Aaron says he was inspired by fashionably-outdated religious sects like the Amish and from movies like Witness, to other photo editorials: “- Yes, especially an amazing recent one by Bruno Dayan. We had the somber mood and sense of religious tension in our minds from the start of the shoot.

In addition to Aaron and Shannon, Kelley Ash and Danielle Cedillo made up the team behind Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? -It was wonderful,” Arron says about the shoot, before adding “The two models and I had done one shoot together before, but this was my first time working with Danielle, the hairstylist and makeup artist, and she was amazing. And the models were fun to work with. Shannon is my girlfriend—we’ve done dozens of shoots together—so that is always easy and natural. Kelley is a great model, and I had a sense of the kind of photos we’d get from shooting with her before and from seeing her work everywhere.

Kelley, who’s appeared on Ben Trovato multiple times before, styled the shoot in addition to model, and says this about the styling: “- For the styling, I wanted to do something a bit more hauntingly romantic but simple. I wanted to keep the styling all black and white so it could reflect the different changes in the sisters moods for the story.

Together with Ben Trovato regulars Derek Wood and Bryant Eslava, Aaron is these days having an exhibition at Trumbull Studio in Brooklyn, NY. “- Yes! My friend Derek Wood invited me to participate a few weeks ago, and I just shot the photos a couple of days ago. I’m really excited to see what other people have done, and of course flattered to be among so many great photographers. The show has kind of a nighttime theme, which…night photos definitely aren’t my strong suit, so it was fun to challenge myself and work outside my comfort zone a little bit.

The exhibition is open until December 8th, and includes the work of aspiring artists such as Ryan Schude, JUCO, Elizabeth Weinberg, Jolie Clifford, and Ben Rayner in addition to those mentioned above. Go check it out!

Photography - Aaron Feaver, Feaverish Photography
Styling - Wild At Heart
Models - Shannon Roxanne and Kelley Ash @ Q Models
Hair & Makeup - Danielle Cedillo

The Girl At The End of The World By Graham Dunn

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Graham Dunn says he “sort of fell into fashion photography after working in commercials for a bit and doing some experimenting with my wife’s camera. I really loved how much focus and attention you could put on each picture, rather than the 24 frames-a-second you have with motion, and I also found I loved shooting people.Today he’s making his debut on Ben Trovato with his exclusive story entitled The Girl At The End of The World, starring Sabine at Next. He describes the editorial as a tale about being a lonely kid in the suburbs “- off in your own world, just you and your imagination.

The story is inspired by the early 90s, and those sort of hazy memories of childhood,” Graham says, and goes on to explain that on a daily basis he could find himself being inspired by all sorts of things: “—often music, the drive to tell a little story, the places around me that I happen upon on accident, reminiscing, youth, the people I get to work with, the beautiful weather, everything can be an inspiration!

The shoot was styled by Wild At Heart, make up was done by Tania D. Russell, and hair was done by Juxta. Most of them working together for the first time, Graham explains: “- I hadn’t worked with Tania before, who did the great natural makeup, and this was also the first time I’d worked with Sabine—she was a boss! I collaborate with and am inspired by Juxta and Wild At Heart all the time; we’re old pals…

We caught up with Kelley at Wild At Heart, her to describe the styling of the story: “- I was looking to do something youthful and a bit unkept. I thought of Sabine as playing that rebellious teen who roams around her neighborhood after school looking for boys but playing it cool. You know how that story goes… Sabine is a superstar and it was a pleasure playing dress up with her.

Photography - Graham Dunn
Styling - Wild At Heart
Hair - Juxta
Makeup - Tania D. Russell using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Model - Sabine @ Next Model Management
Special thanks to Sydney @ Next Model Management