We’ve all wanted to escape our realities from time to time, and maybe especially while in our youth just dying to leave the ever so boring nest. Aris Jerome’s Runaways captures the feeling of that first taste of freedom so effortlessly yet beautifully, where we follow Kianna Stupakoff and Izzy Spain through their blissful journey into the unknown. Their friendship is their safety, and their connection is unbreakable. “They are truly amazing,” Jerome says of the girls, telling us they hit it off from the very beginning.

They would vibe off each other like twin sisters. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of models to work with.

The film came together as Jerome followed colleague and good friend Joseph Tran as he was shooting the girls. “He asked me to come along and I was just filming in between shots. He had the first locations but we definitely improvised throughout the day. It was very natural.

Jerome started shooting music videos about three years ago, and about a year ago he moved out to the OC and met a photographer named Solmaz Saberi: “- She introduced me to Joseph Tran and I would tag along their shoots and just learn from them.