I have no idea where this was shot,” Kesler Tran says of his third Ben Trovato story. Tran and the three models - Kelley, Leore and Colleen, got in the car one afternoon and set off into the desert with one thing on their mind: Let the location inspire them!

The result is a simple and natural story, with a somewhat dark undertone. “It was almost as if we welcomed the sunset in a spiritual way, after a blistering 115 degree afternoon,” Tran says.

Refugee was brilliantly styled by Kelley, who’s not exactly a newbie to Ben Trovato, having been involved in more than five stories prior to this one.

Although the team was minimal, and the heat unbearable, Tran couldn’t have been happier with the decision to just leave the city and shoot something completely improvised. “And the girls were great, especially considering how hot it was, driving around from one location to the next.

City Slickers by Kesler Tran

A story completely inspired by the model, her face, and the personality behind it. Fashion photographer Kesler Tran is almost lost for words when we ask him about his work. It is a pure result of an artist and a muse meeting in total harmony.

From Kesler's first story for Ben Trovato, Escape.

On this shoot there was no team, just the model and me. I wanted to keep the shoot as raw / natural as possible, so bare face, and run with what the model brought for wardrobe, I did use a custom Shredded T-Shirt that was made by my friend Diane Jong.

And that’s it. That’s what they needed, because when Noora from Pinkerton stepped in front of Kesler’s camera the results were bound to be amazing.

“She’s an absolute gem in lack of better words; very dynamic and full of energy, behind the freckles she sports a great personality and a very sarcastic sense of humor.”

Photography by Kesler Tran
Modelling by Noora @ Pinkerton Models

Escape by Kesler Tran

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Kesler Tran‘s journey into the world of fashion photography was somewhat unusual. While working in the mortgage business as the industry crashed back in 2008, Kesler was forced to pursue other endeavors. Little did he know that his decision to buy a DSLR would change his life forever. “I started shooting as a hobby: Car shows, landscapes, but in 2009 I took a full time stab at shooting fashion, and never looked back since.

With a great deal of raw talent Kesler has been creating stunning work for years now, and it was only a matter of time before he would be on everyone’s lips. Today will be the day he steps up on our stage, that with a wonderful story featuring Russian fashion model Tanya from NEXT LA.

Escape is about a girl in wonderland, free in nature, free from stress. “I really wanted the story to give off a feeling of exploration, freedom, and being alone, ” Kesler tells us, adding “[..] I always wanted to shoot something a little bit softer than my usual stuff, but not to appear “commercial” so the time of day I choose was more mid/ late afternoon, but not quite “the golden hour.” The location was actually a spot one of my model friends took me a few months ago, I just decided to go back because I noticed that the light at this particular location was exceptional.

Exceptional could be used to describe Tanya as well, that despite the language barrier showed to be a star in from of the camera. “She was a pure joy to shoot with, hope to work with her again in the future for sure.

Styling was provided by Diane Jong, who unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to be present on set, while makeup was done by Brittany Sullivan. “I’ve worked with Britney many times. Quite possibly one of the nicest MUA I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with. One of my clients describes her as “the giggly one.” Diane is actually an aspiring photographer, who does styling on the side.

Photography by Kesler Tran
Styling by Diane Jong
Makeup by Brittany Sullivan
Model - Tanya @ NEXT LA