I wanted to create imagery that was very clean and colorful, but with a eerie sense of something missing, or lacking,” Billy Rood says of his latest story for Ben Trovato, Amanda. “Amanda was definitely a strong part of the story. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to do something that showed her features.

She has perfect porcelain skin and a very strong and unique face. A perfect fit for the location and the theme.

The location, a mansion in Northbrook, IL, belongs to a family friend of Jacki Debb - the stylist of the shoot. “I LOVE shooting on location. It‚Äôs my favorite way of telling a story,” Rood answers when asked about his location work. Of his three previous stories for Ben Trovato, one was shot in a run-down church, the other in a mysterious forrest, and the third in the streets of Chicago. “It allows more organic images and lets me play more with the model in a different environment. It also is very important for me to try new things and shooting on location always pushes me to do¬†something new.

And as mentioned above, for this particular location, there was no doubt in Rood‚Äôs mind that Amanda Murphy @ Factor Women had the right look for the story.¬†”Her experience and confidence drew me to have her a part of this story. We collaborated a bunch before we shot, just getting to know each other and what we like to do. So it was very easy for me to direct and just watch her do her thing.

All members of the team know each other well, and have work together many times before. “Kerre and Jacki together is like a sitcom waiting to happen,” Rood reveals, and adds “Their banter and playfulness really helps bring levity to shoots and I love working
with them.

“They also love trying new things and trust in my ideas. It is always important to have people that support you.”