Red by Jayesh Pankhania

Photographer Jayesh Pankhania debuts on Ben Trovato with a fresh, multi-faceted beauty and fashion editorial. Sasha Martynyuk stars as a young girl immersed in a world of glamour who has to mature quickly.

Jayesh primarily shoots commercial beauty work, but says that he is excited to expirament with fashion photography and editorials. “Having this shoot published on Ben Trovato is a great start and I’m hoping to continue shooting more-I want to put together bigger productions and have some great ideas that I’ll be putting into practice soon”, he explains. Jayesh is inspired by high end fashion stories, which shows through in ‘title’, seeing as the wardrobe and jewelry pieces are chic and upscale. The looks Sasha portrays reflect that of a classic film star, very done up well put-together.

Behind the shoot is hair stylist and makeup artist Kenny Leung and wardrobe stylist Natalie Jade Best. “I have worked with Kenny a few times before on various shoots”, says Jayesh, “he is very talented and has always perfected the looks down to a tee! This was the first time I worked with Natalie; she drew up her own mood boards which reflected the initial references I sent, which showed incredible commitment and enthusiasm for the shoot”.Natalie was compelled by the summer trend of bright colors and contrast, “We wanted to go with quite a fresh bright summer concept with a slight emphasis on accessories, prints and textures”, she told us. All members of the team are based in London.

Photography by Jayesh Pankhania
Modelling by Sasha Martynyuk @ Premier Model Management
Styling by Natalie Jade Best
Hair & Makeup by Kenny Leung @ Era Management using Bedhead by TIGI and Topshop Makeup.
Post Production by High Def Retouching