I had been wanting to head out to these sand dunes for months, they were a few hours away, so I had to make sure I was able to get everyone together at the same time to make it happen! I’m so glad it all worked out well, as I’m really happy with what came out of the day. I’m really into matriarchal herstory (see what I did there), and I had this concept in my head that I wanted to create, which bridged an african sahara type feel, with a modern twist.

I decided to name the series “Kandake”, which was the title that was given to the ancient Nubian Queens who ruled the King of Kush in the Nile Valley. I really wanted to express a regal sensual nature, and I feel like Briana totally rocked it. My whole team was amazing to work with and it’s definitely a journey I won’t forget!

Photography & Styling - Aleira Moon (Instagram)
Muse - Briana King at Viviens Management
Hair and makeup - Lucie Stauff
Photographer’s Assistant - Jessica Nicole Griffiths

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