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byMichelle Fenneltext byJenna Putnam

Michelle Fennel’s Ben Trovato exclusive is an intimate black and white series exploring about a woman stuck in a dark limbo, while looking past the gray clouds towards a brighter future.

Based in Germany, Fennel has always captured powerful feminine vibes in her photographs. Aside from Kateryna Y, the other eye-catching subject in this particular story is the lines and angles of the architecture behind her gorgeous model’s silhouette. A sort of tranquility is exuded within the lightbox that the grey and white sky provides. “It’s about a typical day when you’re outside. You’re alone and with your own thoughts while watching the busy life of a city and how everyone is stressed out,” Michelle explains.

The team strived for an edgy yet elegant feel, and pulled it off well. From the sexy lace top, ruffled black dress, and sultry denim bustier, the girly feel was definitely apparent. Combined with torn jeans, chain jewelry, and strappy leather accents, an inner rebel was also awakened. “I explained to everyone what kind of look and mood I was going for, plus that I wanted to make the editorial black and white. So we four power girls brought pieces we thought could work for my theme and idea,” says Michelle. She and makeup artist Zizi Camarda styled the shoot, and Shahrzad Bahari Lozani made it all come together with her wild hair styling. Fennel told us that this will definitely be one of many collaborations.