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The Wanderers

byNirrimi Firebracetext byMarius Troy

It’s been a long time coming, almost too long some might say. Nirrimi Firebrace is the photography wonderkid that took the internet by storm, achieving tremendous attention for her work at the age of fourteen. Today, at the age of twenty, the young artist has achieved more than a lot of photographers do in a lifetime. We are excited to unveil Nirrimi’s first story for Ben Trovato, The Wanderers. We had a chat with Nirrimi about her Ben Trovato debut, her fascinating past, and her promising future:

The Wanderers, what is it about?
It is the story of nomadic lovers and their wanderings.

You have spent a lot of time travelling and exploring the world, is it somewhat inspired by your own life?
It’s inspired by the time me and my love have spent without a home and camping in wild places. The intensity of young love.

Tessa May seems to fit the role perfectly?
She is a very dear friend. I think when you shoot someone you have love for, it truly shows in the imagery. The boy is her lover in real life. They are both very sweet.

We were happy to see you working with Elle Packham, who’s no stranger to Ben Trovato having styled Andy Irwin & Luke Byrne’s debut story a while back. She’s once again doing a great job, how was she to work with?
She was so kind and we all had dinner afterwards at our home in the mountains and laughed a lot together.

Elle, your styling fits the story and concept perfectly. Tell us about the pieces you picked and your thought behind it.
I selected pieces from designers such as Willow, and used light, effortless layers to communicate the romance of these youthful nomadic lovers. They find their home and freedom in each other’s presence and fit perfectly into the idyllic surroundings because they are together.

Nirrimi, I remember talking to you a couple of years ago about all of the things you were looking forward to, how have the last three years been?
They have been just perfect. Free, chaotic, dreamy, furious but perfect. I had my first child last year and she has since changed me into someone I’ve always wanted to be only I didn’t know it. We are a strong, loving little family and this is exactly how life was supposed to happen.

Having achieved so much, what are you looking forward to now? What are your goals and dreams?
We are always looking forward to upcoming travels. I’m dreaming about finding land to call our own, where we can build a home, grow a magnificent food forest, live with like-minded people, and write a book, all while documenting my family.