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The Last World

byLuc Braquettext byMarius Troy

Iceland. The land of nature, the sagas and mystical power places. The 16 million year old island, what’s known to be the youngest member of planet earth, was french fashion photographer Luc Braquet’s main inspiration for his story entitled The Last World.

The last world is the story of a wild child, lost in an oppressive lunar landscape, which has gradually become her kingdom.

Braquet prefers shooting at location in the first place, as he finds it more narrative, in addition to the natural benefits such as natural light and an environment for the model to connect with.

Sara Karen @ Eskimo stars as a native of The Last World, skipping through the landscape and blending in like she owns it. “The choice of the model is essential in all my projects,” Braquet tells us, adding “Sara has this fragile, lonely side, but on the other hand, she seems very strong and determined.”

Hair and makeup was done by Frida Maria, and styling was done by Alda B assisted by Brynhildur & Julia. Alda focused her wardrobe on making Sara look like the ultimate native of the rough land.

Almost barbarian, but in a female way. She is strong but also sexy…