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The Last Days of Summer

by<Adam Rindytext byMarius Troy

About six years ago Adam Rindy decided to pursue his passion for fashion photography, and moved to Los Angeles. The move was vital for his career, and he’s been shooting ever since, and even landing a feature on Ben Trovato a couple of years ago with his story Road To Solvang. Today he’s finally back with another story for us, The Last Days of Summer, featuring the stunning Hanna Doerksen. We caught up with Rindy, asking him a few questions about his latest Ben Trovato story:

Could you describe The Last Days of Summer in your own words?
With summer coming to an end I had to make one last trip to the beach. This was more for the luxury of getting outside while the weather was still warm than trying to plan a day of shooting. Model Hannah Doerksen, and I hopped in the car with no makeup no hair, and a handful of wardrobe to play around with.

The plan was to keep it simple and to only use my Contax T2, but I couldn’t help to pull out a digital camera here and there, creating a pleasant mix between mostly film, but a few digital images as well.

Were there anything specific that inspired you to shoot The Last Days of Summer?
This shoot was not really something we planned out specifically, so the inspiration really came from just having a fun day outside on the beach.

Hanna looks fantastic in this, how was she to work with?
Hannah was absolutely great to work with. We've worked together in the past on photo shoots to show the strength of compression stockings. It was really more like hanging out with a friend trying to have a good time, and making great images. It was one of those impromptu kind of things so the only team involved with the shoot was the model and myself.