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bySandrine Castellantext byMarius Troy

It feels like a comeback season here on Ben Trovato, with so many amazing artists return to shoot for us. Sandrine Castellan is the next one up with her energetic and dynamic Teenager. Her work has evolved immensely since she was featured in April. We caught up with the aspiring artist in order to hear her thoughts behind her first true Ben Trovato story.

How would you describe Teenager in your own words?
Teenager is a fun, energetic story about a teen that refuses to have a classic back to school uniform. She creates funny and fresh outfits, expressing herself as if summer and its craziness should never end!

So, what inspired the story on your end?
I wanted to create a super fun and refreshing story. I love old Teen Vogue's stories and I always wanted to create a fun back to school teenager story. When I met Bianca [model] from Specs Montreal couple months earlier on another shoot, she inspired me the right away! She was exactly was I was looking for: beautiful, fresh, energetic and smart teen lady! We added fun outfits with quirky extras like a gout boot and it was off to the races.

What is it that inspires you about youth?

Youth is the time when everything is possible, when you have so many dreams, when nothing can stop you! I remember that naive time and It fascinates me. I try to stay like that as much as I can.

And how was Bianca to work with, did she live up to your youthful expectations?
Bianca was truly amazing. She already moves like a super model, she acts super well and has a great sense of humour on set. I am sure she will be a top in few months!

How about the rest of your team, I bet they were superstars as well?
The team was exclusively women!! No need to say how much fun we had during the shoot and before while pre production...! We built the story together and I loved it that way. Sharing ideas and building the concept together was very satisfying!.Those women are amazing talents, I was so honoured working with them!