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Salóne Del Sol

byDavid Hausermantext byMarius Troy

Fashion photographer David Hauserman started out as a cinematographers assistant, working for many years assisting Academy Award winner and film industry legend Russell Boyd ACS. Now he’s following his own path, taking a liking to photography and the challenge of telling stories through stills. “- In film the emotion comes from a combination of so many elements, but I love the challenge of photography, where the final image needs to invoke the viewer, you haven’t got the music score or editing pace to help you,” Hauserman tells us, and continues: “- Fashion editorials are exciting because just like in film there can be a narrative, the viewer can engage with the journey.

Today the Australian photographer is making his debut on Ben Trovato with a sensual and warm story featuring the beautiful Jazmine from Division Models. We asked Hauserman a few questions about Salóne Del Sol:

Could you describe the story in your own words?
I wanted to capture the essence of innocence, - a lone girl in a warm world, a contemporary story with a vignette of 70’s Mexico.

What were your main sources of inspirations when shooting the story?
The designer Sara and I scouted a small town on the east coast of Australia, nearby to where we live. We found a handful of amazing locations but once we started shooting at the Motel we couldn’t leave! This location completely spoke our vision, and as the sun lowered, the bricks made patterns with their shadows and it became even more delicious.

And the styling?
The styling was all in the location. But then we didn't even use the Motel room. We just loved the blank palate and had to let it be. Our model Jazmine’s beauty contrasts the plainness of the bricks and tiles, and she is what draws us in.