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Shek O Beach

byValentina Pezzotext byMarius Troy

A few months ago Italian photographer Valentina Pezzo spent time in Hong Kong charging up on inspiration and shooting beautiful Asian models. “I shot Shek O Beach on Hong Kong Island during the last days of my trip there, so that I was completely in a Hongkong Mood. I think that in the end, the people, the places and everything else there were my source of inspiration.

The location is a beautiful beach in a small village called Shek O, and the team chose the location for its great relaxed atmosphere. Pezzo describes the story as “Beach, Sand, Water, Life.

Yuen @ Model Management Hong Kong stars in the colorful yet relaxed tale, and Pezzo is over the moon by how Yuen performed: “- Yuen was just great. She is a beautiful Malaysian model and really professional to work with. There were no easy conditions on that day. We had to stop the shoot for hours. But even when it rained heavy, Yuen posed professionally in front of my camera. We specifically chose Yuen for that shoot because we wanted a beautiful Asian model in harmony with the great Location.

Producer Cheryl Rodriquez and her assistant Rebecca Hardman organized everything to perfection, Christian Merz did the hair and makeup, while stylist Syan Leung made jaws drop with his styling. “Syan is simply amazing, this guy is really talented!” Pezzo confirms.

Leung says he used specific colors and patterns to match the amazing scene of Shek O Beach. “Light colors and floral pattern are perfect with chunky accessories!