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Meet Julia

byMatthieu Lemaire-Courapiedtext byMarius Troy

While casting for a gig at Pressure’s Paris office, Ben Trovato regular Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied met the beautiful Julia Shvets. The meeting resulted in an improvised shoot there and then, making use of Pressure’s wonderful interiors. We had a chat with the Parisian photographer about his second story for us, Meet Julia.

Tell us how it all came together, Matthieu!
Well, upon meeting Julia I decided to organize a shoot with one of the girls I chose before the official shoot. Julia was free that day, so we decided to improvise in Pressure’s office this little shoot, and it felt natural and easy.

What were your sources of inspiration for the shoot?
As mentioned, we were shooting in Pressure’s office, in the heart of Paris. The place was very cosy, and beautiful: filled with couches, old furniture… The place really had a strong spirit. The location is always an important part for a successful shoot, but the model too. I focused on Julia to make “it” happen: her attitudes the way she moves, her reactions etc.. and once I’m filled with the combination of all those elements, everything comes very easily.

And speaking of Julia, how was she to work with?
Great! Julia is amazing, a smart model! She had a lot of ideas and put a lot of herself in this shoot. She was responsive to my ideas too, so we really worked on the same wavelength.

How about the rest of your team, have you worked together before?
Amazing as usual! I worked with René as a stylist, it was the first time I was working with a man! He is very nice and cool! We share the same vision of fashion so it was easy to work together.

For the make up artist, I worked with Michelle Rainer which is a very talented woman who’s had a great career so far. She has a lot of experience and knows what to do. It’s very convenient to work with professionals. It wasn’t the first time I worked with her, and as always I wasn’t disappointed!

And last but not least, my dear friend Anais who is a brilliant hair stylist. She has worked with me on most of my shoots. And believe me, once you know her, you don’t want to work with anyone else.

Stylist, René de Bathory, could you describe the concept of your styling in Meet Julia?
I get inspired by people and their actions, things that happen or made up stories, rather than a self referential vision of fashion. What I find fascinating is the notion that clothes can act as sort of Tironian Notes of a character. I guess it’s about reduction, finding the essence.

There is an innate romanticism to the designs of Calla, which I love. In this story we tried to break it with a kind of wicked but sensual allure. The setting creates a moment of interrupted intimacy, while the accessories and lingerie we used recall the classic visual of seduction.