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Hot Fun

byEmman Montalvantext byMarius Troy

Fashion photographer Emman Montalvan is becoming quite a regular on Ben Trovato, and today we’re releasing yet another contribution by the Los Angeles based artist. He’s once again teamed up with Leore, who’s accompanied by the infamous Kelley Ash. Together they star in a a fun story shot on Polaroid film in Venice, wearing lovely vintage clothing from Wild At Heart. Here’s what Montalvan had to say about his fifth Ben Trovato story, Hot Fun:

Tell us about Hot Fun and how it came about?
The shoot was brainstormed by Wild at Heart Vintage and i love shooting in Venice Beach. The story is a fine summer in LA with two cool babes!

Besides Venicce beach, what inspired the shoot?
That magical California vibe always gets me!

You’ve worked with Leore quite a lot of times now, and you always seem to have a great time together. How was your day at set?
Kelley & Leore are really bomb to work with! They are great models and really fun to be with.