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byKate Edwardstext byMarius Troy

Her debut story on Ben Trovato was a huge success, and we are excited to introduce Kate Edwards‘ second brilliant editorial for us entitled Anthropology. This time around Edwards teamed up with more promising fashion and jewellery designers. We had a chat with the talented photographer asking her a few questions about the series.

Tell us about Anthropology, and what inspired you to create it.
The story was inspired by the young and upcoming designers whom I chose to have featured for both the clothing and jewellery. I wanted to create a story that really represented the pieces as being young and exciting. I tend to photograph things as more of daydreams and try to add some sort of colorful or playful element that is not so much challenging as it is beautiful to look at it.

However, the main sources of inspiration for this story were the clothes and jewellery themselves. I wanted it to really be about those pieces and not about something else. I chose dresses that complemented each other and really created an interesting graphic element to some of the images as well. I was inspired by one photographer Yossi Michaeli who has really fun colors in a lot of his work.

Model Clara Settje looks great, and rather versatile, how was she to work with?
She was great to work with. She was really easy going and enthusiastic about the entire shoot which always makes everything work so well in the end. A models attitude can really make or break a shoot, so luckily Clara was amazing and everything turned out great! She was also such a great sport in the shot where we had to dump glitter all over her. It was hot, sunny, and she had a ton of glitter all stuck to afterwards. Not ideal, but it turned out to be a great photograph.

How about the rest of the team? Have you worked together before?
As for the hair stylist and MUA, I have worked with them a lot and I absolutely love them and trust their opinions. They always understand exactly what I want, and they both collaborate so well together. Its definitely nice to develop a sustainable team of people you can rely on and trust to produce amazing shoots over and over again.

Designer Mia Christopher, we love your pieces in Edwards’ Anthropology. What do you think of the end result?
Kate Edwards perfectly encapsulated the energy I put into the pieces in my collection in these photographs. The magical colors reminiscent of sherbet, playful make-up, and delicious looking confetti blew me away as they are so much how I imagine the world that my clothing exists in. She was able to intuitively understand my aesthetic and enthusiasm for color through my pieces. In the photograph with the girl laying down, I see a dreamy, carefree world where everything sparkles and there is sugar, light, love and dancing in the grass with your best friends until you fall over. A sort of girlhood utopia for bold, daring and strong women who also value play and understand magic.

As for you, Christine Young, designer at Young Frankk Jewelry, could you comment on Anthropology?
Kate has an amazing innate intuition for color and design. Everything is just so crisp from the whirly bun to the pop of orange juice down to the dreamy shadows of saturated hues on the wall.