Bird of Asphalt, fashion editorial by Fernando Gómez

Bird of Asphalt by Fernando Gómez

He is known for his well developed ideas and concepts, for Fernando Gómez never sets out to shoot without already knowing the story and its metaphors to detail at forehand. His first story for Ben Trovato was about a woman getting lost in the wilderness and finding herself in a old country-house where she’s struggling to blend in. His latest story for us is a tale about a woman who represents a bird struggling with the wind in a deserted and futuristic city.

The Colors of Love, fashion editorial by Nicole Hill

The Colors of Love by Nicole Hill

Last time you heard from Nicole Hill on Ben Trovato was on New Years Eve just about 6 months ago. We’ve finally, well most of us, recovered from our Ben Trovato New Years Eve, and today we’re substituting champagne, balloons and confetti with a feast of colors! Nicole brought model Jennifer McManis, and her team, to the legendary Salvation Mountain in Niland, California, in order to shoot her third Ben Trovato story, The Colors of Love.

Nightflash, fashion editorial by Fiona Garden

Nightflash by Fiona Garden

“It’s about capturing movement and light - dark layers of sheer, whipping in city wind,” were the words Fiona Garden used when asked to describe her latest story for Ben Trovato, Nightflash. Esther with Select blends in with the inspirational textures of London, highlighted by strong flash and contrast in almost like a what almost seems like semi gothic version of Roxanne Lowit’s wonderful black and white photography.

Escape, fashion editorial by Kesler Tran

Escape by Kesler Tran

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Kesler Tran’s journey into the world of fashion photography was somewhat unusual. While working in the mortgage business as the industry crashed back in 2008, Kesler was forced to pursue other endeavors. Little did he know that his decision to buy a DSLR would change his life forever. “I started shooting as a hobby: Car shows, landscapes, but in 2009 I took a full time stab at shooting fashion, and never looked back since.”

I'll Be In Your Dream If You'll Be In Mine, fashion editorial by Tyler Mitchell

I’ll Be In Your Dream If You’ll Be In Mine by Tyler Mitchell

His name shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to the avid follower as he’s appeared twice on Ben Trovato already as Melissa Rodwell’s assistant on her two fabulous stories for us, Wet & The Falling. Today Tyler Mitchell is stepping into the spotlight for real, with a story that marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Ben Trovato and Brooklyn based fashion and lifestyle publication Relapse Magazine…

The Opium Den, fashion editorial by Alice Luker

The Opium Den by Alice Luker

“Beauty is a form of Genius—is higher, indeed, than Genius, as it needs no explanation.” The quote is cut from Oscar Wilde’s novel, A Picture Of Dorian Grey, which inspired London based fashion photographer Alice Luker’s first story for Ben Trovato, The Opium Den. “In the novel, Dorian (represented by Rory from Elite) sells his soul to the devil to remain eternally youthful and beautiful. Alexis and Alexandria (Both Models 1) represent the temptation which Dorian faces as the story simultaneously unveils Dorian’s self obsession and uncontrollable vanity. ‘The Opium Den’ is a story of overt decadence, temptation and lust; all elements relevant to the fashion industry in it’s entirety,” Alice explains.

Earth Child, fashion editorial by Jeskaa Designs

Earth Child by Jeskaa Designs

Gold Coast based creative Jess Marshall, aka Jeskaa Designs, got into fashion photography after helping out a local model agency with their test shoots. That was five years ago, and she has never looked back. “The more I work in fashion photography the more I fall in love with it and want to keep creating and capturing,” she tells us…

EcoChic, fashion editorial by Liza Pohodnova

EcoChic by Liza Pohodnova

“I love photography and I can’t imagine what I would do without it,” Liza Pohodnova tells us. The Ukraine based photographer has just shot her first Ben Trovato story, and says it’s a step towards many amazing things to come. “I can’t say I achieved much right now, because after this I know there are a lot of great things yet to come!”

Room 1723a, fashion editorial by Natalie J Watts

Room 1723a by Natalie J Watts

Early this spring fashion photographer Natalie J Watts made her way over the pond from London to NYC in hopes of getting inspired and doing a few amazing projects. One of them was a story for Ben Trovato.

“Initially, the shoot concept came from a discussion between Michelle (makeup artist) and myself before we both jetted off individually from London to NYC. We knew that we wanted to capture the energy and mystery of the big city in a nighttime shoot,” Natalie tells us.

Lost In Reverie, fashion editorial by Kate Edwards

Lost In Reverie by Kate Edwards

Almost every time we work closely with one of our extremely talented photographers we find it intensely hard to wait with pulling the wraps off the end result. But, as we are proud of all of the work we produce and publish, there are some projects that make it up on our office wall of fame immediately. Whether it’s the end result, the process, or just how the photos make us feel. New York based photographer Kate Edwards’ debut story for Ben Trovato is one of them.

Reeperbahn, fashion editorial by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo

Reeperbahn by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo

About two weeks ago we published Berlin based fashion photographer Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo’s first story for Ben Trovato. Today we’re unveiling Lukasz’ second story for us, and this time the story is put to Hamburg and its famous red light district Reeperbahn. “We just want to do some colorful funny story of a girl around this hood. She is the girl to watch,” Lukasz tells us, adding “She’s a new eye-catcher with more importance than the lights, sex shops and dollhouses around her.”

Eléonor, fashion editorial by Paul Whitfield

Eléonor by Paul Whitfield

“Pure - simple - raw.” That’s what Paul Whitfield says when I ask him to describe his story. Three simple words that say it all. The story, which also marks Paul’s debut on Ben Trovato, is entitled Eléonor after the model, Eleanor from Select Models in London, and is partly inspired by the model herself, and films, fashion and art that has inspired Paul through the years…