London Trash, fashion editorial by Joël Cartier

London Trash by Joël Cartier

London Trash, fashion editorial by Joël Cartier for Ben Trovato

He started shooting fashion about a year ago, after having picked up his first camera three years prior to that. Now Joël Cartier is shooting and producing for the best of them through his film and photography company Eclumes Stuios, that he formed with Damien Krisl three years ago.

Sunday Drifter, fashion editorial by Bryan Kong

Sunday Drifter by Bryan Kong

Sunday Drifter, fashion editorial by Bryan Kong for Ben Trovato

Our second featured story today is a perfect source for weekend inspiration. Sunday Drifter takes place on an airy summer afternoon in downtown Los Angeles, where photographer Bryan Kong and model Bekka Gunther “created scenes that would represent a normal Sunday Funday in a girls life.”

Parc de Sceaux, a fashion editorial by Caitlin Bellah

Parc de Sceaux by Caitlin Bellah

Parc de Sceaux, a fashion editorial by Caitlin Bellah for Ben Trovato

Only a week has passed since we ran Laura Cammarata’s Pre Raphaelite inspired story You Never Know It’s A Nightmare, and today we’re publishing another story by a Ben Trovato favorite, inspired by the same mid 1800s art brotherhood. As Caitlin Bellah’s fascination with the Pre Raphaelites is evident in many of her unique fashion stories, her absolute main source of inspiration when shooting her second Ben Trovato story was the park she shot at, Parc de Sceaux, which is also the title of her story.


Melise by Petter Karlstrøm

Melise, a fashion editorial by Petter Karlstrøm for Ben Trovato

“It’s a story about being caught in a moment of mystic and movement,” photographer Petter Karlstrøm explains when asked about his debut story for Ben Trovato; Melise -named after model Melise Williams who stars in it.

She Needs Somebody To Hold, fashion editorial by Facundo Garay

She Needs Somebody To Hold by Facundo Garay

“I wanted aggressive eyes, but with finesse, spiced with a bit of rock and roll!” Facundo Garay says of his latest story for Ben Trovato. The fourth in a row of magnificent fashion tales shot exclusively for his favorite online publication.

Never Came, fashion editorial by João Arraes

Never Came by João Arraes

Inspired by a walk across Brooklyn Bridge, Brazilian photographer João Arraes set out to shoot fashion model Luana Teifke in a story symbolizing a wife’s wait for her husband at sea.

In Bloom, fashion editorial by Sarah St Clair Renard

In Bloom by Sarah St Clair Renard

“In bloom – a brief stage seen in nature that mirrors youth. The moment right before the rosebud opens up and becomes a full beautiful flower, climbing out of and becoming yourself in the spring of your life.”

That’s how Los Angeles based photographer Sarah St Clair Renard explains her second story for Ben Trovato. “I was inspired by spring in LA, even though we don’t have harsh seasons, is such a sudden and tropical explosion of colors,” she says, adding “I wanted to do something fun and light to merge with Kelly’s beautiful young look and innocence.”

You never know it's a Nightmare, fashion editorial by Laura Cammarata

You Never Know It’s a Nightmare by Laura Cammarata

Inspired by the pre-Raphaelites and the works of Paolo Roversi, Laura Cammarata shot “You Never Know It’s A Nightmare,” a sinister story of a pre-Raphaelites-looking girl trapped in a nightmare. “With an inch of surrealism, I wanted to create a mix of aestethic beauty and quirkiness, a sinister mood,” she explains.

Hey, Cool Babes, fashion editorial by Emman Montalvan

Hey, Cool Babes by Emman Montalvan

“Marga and Mike is such a crazy duo!” photographer Emman Montalvan tells us. Inspired by their friendship and unstoppable attitude the LA based artists brought the two models up on the roof top of his building to hang out and shoot until they ran out of polaroid film and battery. “It was perfect because they are best friends. I wanted the shoot to be really laid back with no fuss,” he continues, before explaining that it was a true please to work with both of them.

Deserted Beauty, fashion editorial by Maximilian Rivera

Deserted Beauty by Maximilian Rivera

On his first trip to Southern California Maximilian Rivera couldn’t wait to get started on one of his many planned projects taking advantage of what the golden state has to offer: “Since this was my first trip to SoCal I wanted to go for a west coast/deserted desert feel. For this shoot I tried a new approach which I thought of the whole way racing from LAX two hours to the location trying to get there before sunset.”

The Kony Virus, text and photos by Adam DeAngelis

The Kony Virus, text and photos by Adam DeAngelis

Adam DeAngelis is a New York City based fashion and music photographer. We gave Adam the stage in form of our column to write and take photos of what he was passionate about.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months, then you know who Joseph Kony is. Well, I guess you could say “Kony”. The first name doesn’t matter in this case. Actually, the date would be a great add on. So let’s start over. Kony 2012 swept the internet like a virus. Infecting friends and foes. Sparking controversy and debate, the video hit the tube like a freight truck. The film summarized the involvement of the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) in the Ugandan region which is led by Joseph Kony. A leader who kidnaps children, and makes them fight his war; sometimes even killing their own family…

Dancing Sunlight, fashion editorial by Erika Astrid

Dancing Sunlight by Erika Astrid

Even though this is her debut on Ben Trovato as a photographer, Erika Astrid has actually been heavily involved in a couple of our stories before, then as the stylist and designer of Oliver Meyer’s two wonderful Ben Trovato editorials.

This time she picked up the camera herself, shooting her own clothes worn by fashion model Kelsie Fields.