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Juliana Arrillaga

byDiego Lunatext byMarius Troy

When Argentinian photographer Diego Luna was in Buenos Aires a few days ago shooting a few commercial projects, he had the opportunity to test with Juliana Arrillaga @ JUMP Model management. “They showed me her pictures I automatically decided I didn´t want to do a simple Test, I wanted to exploit that face and do some beauty shots,” he tells us, adding: “- I had the pleasure to work with a team who understood perfectly what I was looking for, hair and make up by Marcelo Pedrozo, styling by Luciana Markulin, at Matias Sinigoi Studio, a friend and colleague.

Retouching was done by Luna’s good friend Facundo Moroz who really made the photo pop taking advantage of Juliana’s unique features.

The picture speaks for itself, Juliana could be sensual, aggressive or innocent shot after shot.