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byBrad Mawbytext byMarius Troy

Based out of his studio in Sydney, photographer Brad Mawby has steadily built a strong portfolio shooting some pretty amazing faces. He debuts today with his beautiful shot of Jessica from Chadwick Models, entitled Whispers. This is what Mawby says of his shot:

Working with Jessica on the day was great. The day did start off a little slow as I wanted the whole team to have some creative input into the shoot. Shooting a model that you have never worked with before is always a hard thing, till you get a good repore and understanding of each other. But Jessica fell into place very quickly also help by the hair stylist Koh who has a wonderful way of making everybody very comfortable.

Then the magic started to happen. Jessica moved so beautifully and fluidly. I think the softness of her look contrasts well with the harshness of the very hi contrast black & white photography. Haing such a good team was the KEY….