The Wanderlovers

The Wanderlovers is about love and being totally interconnected. It’s a part of a visual stream of consciousness. It’s about an emotion in a simple photo. Somewhat high art, but also not so serious at all. Its about love. And putting yourself in this wacky extreme place of love where you truly connect with people. It can make you appear so bizarre, but if you have a real moment with someone it’s magical completely worth it. It’s pure light.

Photographer & Director - Nicole Anne Robbins (Instagram)
Styling - Van Van Alonso (Instagram)
Hair - Jojo Torres (Instagram)
Makeup - Sarah Haley (Instagram)
Models - all with Photogenics in LA
Kota, Erika, Rachel, Abigail
Dylan, Andrew, Justin

Music - Nitesky by Robot Koch (Instagram)

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Sunday Girl

The story follows our heroine as she ambles along city streets, dreams in Central Park and spends the day adrift in New York City. The images are a love letter to the careless days of our youth spent in reverie; an endless Sunday.

Photographer - Amber Byrne Mahoney (Instagram)
Styling - Amanda Lee Shirreffs (Instagram)
Makeup - Allison Perlstein (Instagram)
Hair - Rubi Jones (Instagram)
Muse - Katya @ Women 360 (Instagram)

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In a time where we are always plugged in; to our iPods, our phones and our computers, I wanted to take the time to return to our most natural state of being, in the only place best suited for it…. nature.

As a fashion photographer, I wanted a fresh take on a self portrait series, to combine the poses of a model with the composition of art photography.

Photographer & Model - Ivy Erlinger (Instagram)
Photo assistants - Elizabeth Newberry & Fraser Hemphill

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Our first story in our second issue is a fantastic series entitled Lanzarote, shot on the road by the talented Marta Bevacqua embodying the true essence of Wanderlust. “I did this amazing trip with these wonderful people. After 3 years of fashion, I tried to put together art, fashion and reportage, to tell the story of one of my latest experiences.”

Photography - Marta Bevacqua (Instagram)
Muses - Alessandra Barbieri, Rebecca Rocchi, Rafael Wolanowski

Lanzarote (Canary Islands) - September 2014

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I really just wanted to vent about my own frustrations with modern dating, where it seems to be this cycle of lust and hate. You meet someone, they seem like everything, but betrayal and resentment and anger are always close on the heels. You try to power through, you try to get away and bring back the old spark, but the resentment always comes back. You let lust overtake it, and find that it fades just as fast. I was hoping to show that in a cyclical way, that at any point in the cycle, we’re right back at a point we’ve already been to.

As far as the aesthetic, that’s simply because I’ve always been a huge fan of 70’s and 80’s horror flicks, and I wanted to pull from that as much as possible.

Photographer - Steven Stone (Instagram)
Her - Hannah Mariah Yandow (Instagram)
Him - Jim Derrick (Instagram)

Stylist - Abbey Tate (Instagram)
Hair/Makeup - Cami Talbot (Instagram)
Assistants - Jeff Welch, Christian Claflin
Producer - Mike McCaleb

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On a warm and beautiful Sunday in Paris at the tail end of a long summer, french photographer Antoine Duchamp captures Liza Gorevalova spend a calm day in her charming hideaway.

Photographer - Antoine Duchamp (Instagram)
Styling - Gogo Touré
Stylist’s assistant - Joy Maury
Makeup -Elena Tamburrini
Muse - Liza Gorevalova @ Mademoiselle Agency (Instagram)

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Like The Trees And Their Leaves

The streets under my feet started turning orange gold from the fallen leaves
A fiery red sky, and the thought of you waiting for me there
Your skin, your lips, your sighs..

Inside my bed
Inside my head

Like the trees and their leaves
I tried to touch her, keep her
But like the city outside my window
She was never completely mine

Photographer - Lana Prins (Instagram)
All Lingerie - Tisja Damen
Makeup & hair - Iris Zuidema
Muse - Blossom Stevens

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Room #5

Brian Huynh’s Room #5 is a story of melancholic longing, a view into what we expect to be a transaction between lovers, strangers or something uncertain. The notion of a Motel getaway is a place for escape, to meet in taboo and to be in a room meant only for secrets. A once discreet space in turn becomes a place where one is most vulnerable; revealed. Her escape ironically becomes a lurid confinement, but still a place to retreat. She waits for her partner, however, in the end, her once fleeting moments are unrequited, doomed to be remembered and ultimately forgotten.

Photographer - Brian Huynh (Instagram)
Muse - Elizabeth Ai-Quyen (Instagram)

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La Philosophie Dans le Boudoir

Rafael Mesa’s story for Ben Trovato Nostalgia is based on the painting with the same title by Rene Magritte, an enigmatic and thought-provoking piece of work. A muse roaming in the mystery of her own room, thinking, waiting..

Photographer - Rafael Mesa (Instagram)
Styling & Makeup - Nahomi Carbo
Muse - Daniela Cáceres

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She’s A New Black

She’s a new black is the story of a strong woman, passionate, funny and an emotionally impenetrable as the color black. But in that black, she will find the light and the freedom to finally be what she has always wanted to be; this is a true story, this is my story.

Photographer - Valentina Vallone (Instagram)
Muse - Deborah Parcesepe

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