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Yasmin by Rita Zimmermann

When our friend Rita Zimmermann recently spent three weeks in Brazil, a story for Ben Trovato was one of the points on her to-do-list. Out of the three weeks in Brazil, she spent four days in Rio de Janeiro, and one of those with the alluring Brazilian model Yasmin. Yasmin is also the title of the story that was the outcome of the beautiful day: “- I met with Yasmin, and spent a wonderful day with her. I was trying to come up with a title for the story we made in Rio, but in the end it’s Yasmin - through my eyes but with her expression. Its always a challenge, you are meeting the person for the first time, whom you dont know anything about. Then you end up speaking, laughing, and feel all these emotions, and just make the photos.” As Bruce Weber said in an interview with Movieline back in 09: “- I’m always so happy at the end of a shoot or a movie when people become friends. It’s one of the best compliments you can have as a filmmaker or photographer, that people walk away and know that they’re going to have a long relationship.

Rita explains the story further: “- The story is about a Brazilian girl like in the famous Frank Sinatra song- “Tall and tan and young and lovely The girl from Ipanema goes walking.” -Mysterious, sexy, funny -the kind of girl you can love, or hate -nothing in between.

Rita more about Rita Zimmermann, what inspires her, and how she got into photography in our profile of her and her work back in January.

Here’s Yasmin by Rita Zimmermann, for Ben trovato:



Check out her blog here.