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Worried About The Boy by Cate Underwood

From Cate Underwoods first feature on Ben Trovato.

A year has passed since we introduced you to Cate Underwood and her wonderful work. It’s been way too long, and today she is finally back on Ben Trovato, now with her first exclusive story Worried About The Boy. Last time the 21-year-old Kiev based photographer was featured she revealed her love for the works of David Sims, Alasdair McLellan, Angelo Penetta and Juergen Teller. Read more about that here.

Worried About The Boy is a result of great collaboration between Cate and stylist Venya Brykalin. Here’s how they describe the project:

We were extremely inspired by our model Solomiya, a new face at L-Models. She is very young but has such a great personality and strong features. So we wanted to explore her look - a bit androgynous but never tomboyish. We tried to channel it through clothes and posing, adding a certain masculine vibe and mannerism.

But it’s not about gender-bending or being a tomboy — we wanted to keep this sort of girly sensuality that’s a bit awkward but beautiful in its nature. So we went for boyish tops and denim that added a 90s old school vibe, but mixed it with dresses that looked like undone dress shirts mixed with plain cardigans — all these casual things a modern girl would wear. And threw some kitten heels in the mix to make it more playful.

Photography - Cate Underwood
Styling & Hair - Venya Brykalin
Makeup - Yana Kenzo
Model - Solomiya @ L-Models
Post production - Igor Primak