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Wilderness by Larissa Felsen

I’ve been following Larissa Felsen for a while now, and i’m very excited to announce her debut on Ben Trovato, with the fantastic BT exclusive story Wilderness. The model is the wonderful Isadora Lago @ Ten Model Management, the styling was done by Carolina Callegari and the make up by Luisa Valduga. Larissa says this about the story: “- I wanted to do something like this since last year - a folk, whimsical editorial - but I wanted it to be different from the usual woodland backdrop. She is basically a lonely girl, daydreaming.

Larissa has been shooting since she was 16, but it was only this year after she moved from the countryside to São Paulo that she kicked off her career in fashion photography. I asked her about her inspirations: “- I’m inspired by everyday life, mostly. I keep my eyes, ears and mind open for everything. Words, sentences from books can trigger an idea for a shoot. I’m also heavily inspired by my dreams and music. A tune goes straight to my heart and images flood my head.

Photography - Larissa Felsen
Styling - Carolina Callegari
Make up - Luisa Valduga
Model - Isadora Lago @ Ten Model Management

Check out her portfolio here.