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I’ve Been Waiting by Daniel Luxford

Well I’m not sure when I got into fashion photography but I remember shooting my first lady back in 2006, while starting off shooting some street life and skateboarding,” Melbourne based photographer Daniel Luxford tells us. After setting out on a trip around the world in 2007 Daniel ended up in London, assisting for more experienced photographers. “Overall I only assisted for a month or two, and it was with some amazing photographers who normally do product shoots of socks for swollen feet and ankles and other boring stuff. I had good friend and great inspiration there in photographer Jonas Bresnan.. After seeing how tough it is in London and what was needed to produce at the highest level was kind of daunting at first, but also inspiring!! I flew back to my home town Perth, Australia.

Broke but drawing inspiration from his travels around the world he began shooting Fashion and skateboarding at any chance he had, realizing whatever ideas that he had. “I feel I found the drive to shoot better and better photos every time I shoot..I still do this to this day!

Daniel made an appearance in our One Frame Fame section back in December with a photo of Bambi Northwood, but today we’re publishing his first exclusive Ben Trovato story, I’ve been waiting. “The story was based around a classic winter style. The location was at a mansion and suited the clothes well. I really didn’t want the shoot to be over posed, I wanted a more classic and nostalgic look to it,” Daniel explains.

And fitting the classic look is model Julia K from Giant Management, working with Daniel for the first time: “- Julia K is Great! She was spending a week in Melbourne and I jumped at the opportunity to shoot her. Julia is from the warm part of the Gold Coast, Queensland, she has many International agencies, has great energy and was very easy to work with. Julia will go far in the industry and I can’t wait to see how her career will blossom.

He had shot with both stylist Sophie Barker and makeup and hair stylist Kate Blainey before, and says it was a huge advantage that they were already familiar with each other: “- Both these girls know how I shoot, which helps I guess. I trust in what they are creating with me and the overall vibe of the shoot. I’m sure there will be many more shoots with these creatives!

Stylist Sophie Barker says they didn’t want it to feel like just another winter coat story: “- Rather than going with classic winter style, I played around with a number of unusual shapes, opened skin, layering, accessories and many different textures. Further to this I channeled not just the jewel tones we’ve seen on the international runways the past couple of seasons, but also neon; adding a lot of different facets from a styling point of view in order to create a quirkiness to the story - but presented in a clean and glamorous way.

Photography by Daniel Luxford
Styling by Sophie Barker
Hair & Makeup by Kate Blainey 
Model - Julia K @ Giant Management