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Verve by Polina Vinogradova

Originally from St. Petersburg in Russia, Polina Vinogradova made the move to Copenhagen a few years ago, and attended a course in photography at Copenhagen Technical Academy in 2007, which eventually led her to fashion and beauty photography. She’s now been shooting professionally for about two years, and has since the start tried to bring something personal and unique into her work: “- Yes, photography for me is about self-expression and communication with the world out there. And my goal is to bring beautiful and emotionally strong images to fashion photography,” she says.

Determined to get her work on Ben Trovato, Polina and her team decided to shoot a story exclusively for us. So on a bright day in April, at Imperial Hotel in the heart of Copenhagen, Polina, stylist Sofia Alexandra Choub, make up artist Sara Zaavi-Johansen, and hairdresser Nicolas Grivaz got together to produce Verve, a story featuring Clara from Scoop. “The story is characterized by 70 ‘luxury and bright colors as seen in the season’s trends. The relaxed, chic atmosphere bears a strong feminine expression and gives a sense of independence and the renaissance,” she says, and explains “- The idea behind it was to create an image of a girl who explores her identity and manifests them through shapes and colors.

Here’s Verve by Polina Vinogradova for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Polina Vinogradova
Style - Sofia Alexandra Choub
Make up - Sara Zaavi-Johansen @ MAC Cosmetics
Hair - Nicolas Grivaz
Model - Clara @ Scoop
Location - Imperial Hotel

Check out Polina’s portfolio on Behance here.