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Tecnicolor by Manuel Nogueira

São Paulo based photographer Manuel Nogueira has just provided BTB the vibrant story Tecnicolor, shot for Living Alone Mag featuring Carla Pagot from Way Model. ” -This story was created mainly due to esthetic demands that I was feeling. The idea was to create many visual elements without the need for digital post-production. Of course the photos were a bit manipulated, but the raw image was made using optical filters, color filters, shadows, reflections and highlights. I’d like to see more experiments in contemporary publications, I think this just adds knowledge and challenges to all involved. Well, this will create a story to illustrate this fashion - a visual essay is more than a strictly linear narrative.

The 32-year-old has been shooting professionally since the age of nineteen, and he says this about his inspirations: “- I get inspired by old movies, personal stories and through them the work of great photographers. Guy Bordin, Helmut Newton are perpetual sources of inspiration.

His work has previously been published in publications such as Brazilian Elle and MCMAG, and his commercial clients include Levi’s, Renner and Axe. And now? “- Right now I’m working on a big personal project, it’s a fashion video that should be done in a few months. And also I’ve just done some new shots for Galaxy IV, wich is the coolest music project in Brasil right now. And we have our bills, don’t we? So I have a few more commercial works untill the end of the year, shooting campagin for Fashion Brands here.

Photographer: Manuel Nogueira
Stylist: Maurício Mariano
Beauty: Simone Barcelos
Modelo: Carla Pagot (Way Model)
Digital Retouch : Estudio Gomo

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