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Hollywood Summer by WEAREADVENTURERS

From Stuart Murchison aka WEAREAVENTURERS' first feature on Ben Trovato

Months have passed since Sydney-based Stuart Murchison aka WEAREADVENTURERS was introduced to the Ben Trovato audience. Today he rejoins us with his first exclusive fashion editorial for Ben Trovato, Hollywood Summer.

Stuart tells us that, “I tend to approach shoots without too much of a preconceived notion of the end result, I like to just let things evolve naturally and see where we end up. I will have ideas in the back of my mind, some work, some don’t. Hollywood Summer was no different. My stylist and I wanted to do something bright and colorful, quite a simple concept. We scouted a location which we thought worked. On set as the shoot began to evolve, we just got a very Hollywood-Desperate Housewives feel from the looks and locations, so we rolled with it.”

Paying great attention to detail, Murchinson was also very selective in the process of choosing his team. “We had originally selected a different model, but at the last minute she was unavailable. Luckily we managed to get Eilika to step in at the eleventh hour. When she arrived on set we could tell she was perfect for what we wanted. The shoot would have taken a very different course had we run with the original model.”

BT caught up with stylist Samantha Denise to get her take on the fashion aspects of the story, “The inspiration was summer and bright colors contrasted with light colors (as opposed to wearing an outfit which is BRIGHT head to toe-how to use bright colors to make an outfit pop!) Some of the products included El Amuleto bikini and black top, a Lulu Yasmine jumpsuit and dress and Zara the best for bright shoes and great cuts.”

In contrast to the brightly themed Hollywood Summer Murchinson says, “Photography allows me to express a darker side of my personality and be myself.”

And in regards to long-term goals and accomplishments, “I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything great yet, that’s still to come. One of the greatest things about photography is you never stop learning. Every time I shoot, I learn. Although I still draw my motivation and inspiration from the same things I always have, I think my process in achieving the end result has evolved as I’ve grown as a photographer.”

And we here at Ben Trovato can say with complete confidence we look forward to seeing more growth in Stuart’s photography… after-all he is an adventurer.

Photography - weareadventurers
Styling - Samantha Denise
Makeup - Kristian Low
Hair - Linh Nguyen
Model - Eilika @ EMG