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Strange Ways by SPR/PPL

SPR/PPL is a collaborative partnership between the extremely gifted Andy Irwin & Luke Byrne. Recently they rented some space in a warehouse and when Ben Trovato got in touch a couple of months ago they decided that this exclusive would be a good chance to set up in there and take a break from shooting on location.

What inspired you to do this specific shoot? Can you enlighten us how that came together in this way?
-We had a loose idea of the vibe we wanted (which first came from a couple of video covers we had lying around I think), and we were interested in the idea of approaching a fashion piece with a look and feel we’d usually more associate with our work on cover art and music projects. From there it was just about doing as many different things as we could with that vibe and what we had lying around at our disposal in the studio. The shoot itself was a pretty organic process, we had a few hours to do it and just a couple of the specific shots in mind to begin with - it all just kind of rolled from there.

What equipment do you use?
-We’re always jumping between film and digital - it usually just depends on the project. Like most we prefer the look and feel of film, but the convenience of digital of course comes in pretty handy when working to tight deadlines - so it usually end’s up film for personal work and digital for commercial stuff. Even when we’re shooting digital, like in this case, our aim in post is to try and bridge the gap with a more filmic aesthetic as much as we can. In terms of visual effects, wherever possible we like to try to work in-camera and in front of the lens. Most of the time it’s a bit of a mixed approach, I guess we use a bit of everything. Lights, props, lens effect filters, software we just try and look them all as tools to help us make the pictures we want to make.

We notice recent work in both music photography and some more fashion inspired, what are your future plans?
-More music stuff. More fashion stuff. More everything. More anything. Right now we’re working on a new music video for long-time pals Wolf & Cub, a couple more fashion stories and editorial assignments, and a personal art project we’ve been trying to get off the ground forever. After that who knows what’s next.

Art Direction & Photography – SPR/PPL
Model – Kaila Hart @ Chic Management
Styling – Elle Packham
Hair & Make Up – Vanessa Collins
Fashion Credits – Arnsdorf, Friend of Mine, IRO, Just Cavalli, Karla Spetic, Magdalena Velevska

Check out their portfolio here.

Special thanks to The Front for making this possible!