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Stoned by Josh Green

Inspired by their Coachella Music and Arts Festival experiences earlier this spring, fashion photographer Josh Green and model Brittany Lucas set out to shoot a story capturing the mood, fashion and location of the famous event.

Honestly, I was completely intrigued by the popularity of Coachella and the bohemian style of most everyone attending,” Josh tells us, continuing: “- Coachella inspires people, I’d say more than most music festivals in the states and it’s truly fascinating how much thought goes into the style of the people, young and old, attending.

His fascination consequently led to shooting his first Ben Trovato story, entitled Stoned. “It is a story of a girl roaming. She’s completely content with whom she is and couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks.

Josh normally shoots with a whole entourage of MUAs, stylists, hair stylists etc, but this time he wanted more space and time in order to connect with his idea, inspiration, and of course his model. “Sometimes it’s hard to think when there’s a crowd of personalities to shuffle around, so I decided to drop the team and shoot by myself. It was incredibly liberating knowing that the shoot and everything revolving around it was mine. Although Brittany is an amazing model she is also an incredibly talented and gifted stylist so I knew she understood the vision I created for the two of us.

The wardrobe consisted of a large collection of eclectic pieces collected throughout Los Angeles at different flea markets. “I actually had not unpacked my suitcase from the previous weekend [at Coachella] so I brought it and we just threw random hippie/grundgy/tribal clothes together and just went with what worked!” Brittany tells us.

Josh couldn’t have been happier with the result, and is especially happy with Brittany’s performance: “Brittany is an AMAZING model and one of my most favorite people I have ever met. I had worked with her once before and when I came up with the concept for the shoot knew she would be absolutely perfect. We shot in the desert around Palm Springs and for 6 hours in 100 degree heat while getting sandblasted in the face with hot sand she modeled beautifully and never complained once.

Photography by Josh Green
Modelling, styling & makeup by Brittany Lucas @ Models International