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Step Ahead by Marie Schmidt

A woman who is strong and powerful, but feminine at the same time. That’s the description of the modern woman, and who Cologne based fashion photographer Marie Schmidt wanted to depict in her debut story for Ben Trovato, Step Ahead. “- In addition we played with symbols reminding of olden day’s warriors and heroes, while combining it with modern fashion.

The location adds a mythic atmosphere, an almost perfect backdrop to the concept and model Lisa Carina Riebauer’s beauty. “Lisa was truly awesome!” Marie says. “The cirumstances of our outdoor shoot were anything but comfortable… We started early and it was very cold. It had been raining the whole day before, so the ground was slippery. But Lisa was in a good mood the whole day and stayed very professional.

The rest of the team included stylist Claudia Melzer, hair and makeup artist Eva Mittmann, and assistant Britta Nürnberg. Marie, Claudia and Eva have worked together successfully on projects in the past, so Marie already knew that the shoot was going to be a great experience: “- Eva and Claudia, are so much fun to work with and also very impassioned in their jobs! I really adore their works and skills. When working on a project I can totally count on them. That is worth a lot.

Marie started out in portraiture photography a few years ago, but quickly developed an interest in fashion: “I found fashion to be an amazing tool to create and support a story you want to tell. It offers a big field to be creative and to translate a special mood you have in mind.”

Photography by Marie Schmidt
Styling by Claudia Melzer
Hair & makeup by Eva Mittmann
Assistant hair - Britta Nürnberg
Model - Lisa Carina Riebauer @ Modelwerk