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Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? by Aaron Feaver

We wanted to do a story that had an old-timey vibe with a little religious fanaticism and sisterly unease thrown in,” says Aaron Feaver, who’s just shot his second exclusive Ben Trovato Fashion editorial. “The clothes, the hairstyles, the broken old houses…we wanted everything to reflect the personalities and world of these two girls who were serious and quiet but where something wasn’t right,” he continues. The Los Angeles based photographer made his debut on Ben Trovato back in July with a beautiful black and white story shot at the Salton Sea, featuring Shannon Roxanne with Q Models. The couple has again joined forces when producing another amazing story for us, entitled Oh Sister, Where Art Thou?.

Aaron says he was inspired by fashionably-outdated religious sects like the Amish and from movies like Witness, to other photo editorials: “- Yes, especially an amazing recent one by Bruno Dayan. We had the somber mood and sense of religious tension in our minds from the start of the shoot.

In addition to Aaron and Shannon, Kelley Ash and Danielle Cedillo made up the team behind Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? -It was wonderful,” Arron says about the shoot, before adding “The two models and I had done one shoot together before, but this was my first time working with Danielle, the hairstylist and makeup artist, and she was amazing. And the models were fun to work with. Shannon is my girlfriend—we’ve done dozens of shoots together—so that is always easy and natural. Kelley is a great model, and I had a sense of the kind of photos we’d get from shooting with her before and from seeing her work everywhere.

Kelley, who’s appeared on Ben Trovato multiple times before, styled the shoot in addition to model, and says this about the styling: “- For the styling, I wanted to do something a bit more hauntingly romantic but simple. I wanted to keep the styling all black and white so it could reflect the different changes in the sisters moods for the story.

Together with Ben Trovato regulars Derek Wood and Bryant Eslava, Aaron is these days having an exhibition at Trumbull Studio in Brooklyn, NY. “- Yes! My friend Derek Wood invited me to participate a few weeks ago, and I just shot the photos a couple of days ago. I’m really excited to see what other people have done, and of course flattered to be among so many great photographers. The show has kind of a nighttime theme, which…night photos definitely aren’t my strong suit, so it was fun to challenge myself and work outside my comfort zone a little bit.

The exhibition is open until December 8th, and includes the work of aspiring artists such as Ryan Schude, JUCO, Elizabeth Weinberg, Jolie Clifford, and Ben Rayner in addition to those mentioned above. Go check it out!

Photography - Aaron Feaver, Feaverish Photography
Styling - Wild At Heart
Models - Shannon Roxanne and Kelley Ash @ Q Models
Hair & Makeup - Danielle Cedillo