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Royal Chicness by Linnea Jacobson

Every so often you cross roads with people that have undoubtably been born with a gift. Swedish Linnea Jacobson is one of those people. In mid March this year Linnea, 13(!) years of age at the time, contacted me and asked if she could shoot something for Ben Trovato. True enough, Ben Trovato is -and has always been about promoting the up and coming, but we have never before worked with anyone of that age before.

She started shooting back when she was eleven, has been working with photoshop since she was ten, and is referring to herself as a future fashion photographer. Well, the future is here, because today she is debuting on Ben Trovato, -the world’s best place for a young photographer to get discovered.

Blessed with an unbeatable talent, Linnea shot the beautiful model and fashion blogger Ebba Zingmark in the story titled Royal Chicness. All fashion was provided by Kii.se.

Linnea says this about her story: “- I wanted to try something new and started thinking of a shoot inspired by the royal, and chicness, and it became some sort of royal chicness. Photography wise the shoot is inspired by Camilla Åkrans, and her many indoor shoots. I got help from Kii.se to pick out some dresses that would match with the chicness and it all came out lovely I think. Not completely my style of photography, but I find it so fun trying new styles.”

She has turned 14 now, and I wonder what she thinks is in store for her in the future: “- Five years from now I’ll be 19 years old and hopefully able to work fulltime as a fashion photographer! Right now, school comes first and I usually have so much going on, in five years I’ll be able to focus 100% on photography.”

Here’s Royal Chicness by Linnea Jacobson, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Linnea Jacobson
Model - Ebba Zingmark
Assistant - Elin Stoltz
All fashion provided by Kii.se

Check out Linnea’s portfolio here.