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A Rocky Pattern by Toby Marosszeky

Taking photos has always been a major passion of Sydney based photographer Toby Marosszeky from a very young age, and he has always loved the idea that you could create strong feelings and emotions from a static object such as a photo. But It wasn’t until after he had been to university, travelled, and worked quite a few other jobs that he realized that he wanted to - or even could -  make a career out of his passion. “I started by assisting some very talented photographers in more than a few different photographic fields to try to learn more of the technical side as I didn’t study photography, and to work out what type of photos I even wanted to take,” he says, adding “- I then started to work out what I liked and didn’t like, by shooting as often as I could. I don’t think you can expect someone to like and want to publish your work if you don’t understand, like it and believe in it yourself.

Now Toby’s among the up and coming stars in the business, and today we’re pulling the wraps off his first story for Ben Trovato: A Rocky Pattern.

The story is attempting to portray a strong, dominant and confident yet feminine woman in a contrastingly raw natural environment,” he tells us, before we ask him what his main sources of inspiration were: “- I don’t think I really had any distinct inspirations for the story, I just wanted to do something that was natural, strong and yet different, drawing on the similarities in the garments with the textures, colors and patterns in nature. After a first look at the garments, I kept seeing strong natural tones, tailored angles, textures, colors and patterns which immediately reminded me of rocks and natural elements. This gave me the idea of finding somewhere to shoot them which could hopefully both contrast and yet in a way consume the garments at the same time.

Taking the part as the strong, dominant, and confident yet feminine woman was Merille Raagas with Priscilla’s Model Management. “Merille was great to work with, she required very little direction and seemed to know exactly what I wanted almost from the first shot. It’s always really nice when you get to work with someone who knows what they’re doing, is enthusiastic and yet doesn’t bring any ego to a shoot.

The rest of the team consisted of makeup artist Lisa Xenides - who actually made her debut on Ben Trovato yesterday(!), sisters Juliana Marcs (Hair) and Triann Marcs (styling), and assistant Andrew Smith.

“Everybody was focused on doing whatever they could to ensure we got the best possible shots. I have worked with sisters Juliana and Triann on one other shoot, which I think helps because if you have that experience working together and understanding already you know how people will work and know that the job will get done.”

Triann pulled most of the outfits from Dylan Cooper, but spiced it up with some of her own jewelry and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. “Dylan Cooper’s garments inspired the entire direction of styling within this shoot,” she says, and continues: “The garments are made up of heavily printed sheers, wool and velvet are combined to create a vision of empowered elegance. A repetition of solid color and hazardous prints allow the mind to create a playful juxtaposition. Pleated organza and sheer injection pieces added a distinct romantic element and a sense of femininity. Accessories were sourced from European markets and other Australian designers which included the use of leather, and solid chromed jewelry pieces.

Photography by Toby Marosszeky
Styling by Triann Marcs
Makeup by Lisa Xenides
Hair by Juliana Marcs
Model - Merille Raagas @ Priscilla’s Model Management
Assistant - Andrew Smith