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Restless Abandon by Raymond Diaz

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Raymond Diaz picked up his first camera in 2004, and started shooting everything he found interesting. He eventually took on photography as a hobby and started shooting landscapes/cityscapes: “- Since I like traveling, it was the perfect reason to venture out and seek new places.

In 2008, he started interning with a fashion photographer based in Los Angeles. In the months that followed, he learned about the fashion industry, lighting, working with models/agencies and retouching: “- After having some knowledge, I setup my first photo shoot with two female friends aspiring to be models. I don’t think it was a complete disaster, but definitely eye opening. I have continued to shoot on and off since then, but more often in recent months.”

Today he’s taking the next step, and Diaz’ days as an unpublished photographer are hereby over. Restless Abandon is his debut story, featuring the beautiful Naduah Rugely. “The story derived from the location and wardrobe,” Raymond explains, and adds “We shot at the outskirts of Calico ghost town, which is an abandoned mining town built in the 1800′s. The wardrobe was western/native indian inspired. The idea was to convey abandonment using this remote location, but at the same time creating a sense of anxiety. Almost as if she is waiting for something and gradually gets more and more restless.

Stylist Sean Panella and hair and makeup artist Seana Gorlick completed the team, which seemed to be working well together: “- It was great and fun at the same time! We really came together as a team and battled through the scorching desert and tough terrain. I must say, Naduah didn’t complain once wearing tons of layers trekking in the Mojave desert. It was a very challenging environment, but we pulled through. Sean did an amazing job putting together the looks and Seana swiftly executed hair and makeup. I have worked with Sean and Seana before; however, it was my first time working with Naduah. Naduah was very easy to work with and required very little direction. I would like to work with everyone again in the near future.

For Sean Panella, the concept was a great fit for this season: “- Mixing vintage with modern day wardrobe pieces is perfect for the season!

Photography - Raymond Diaz
Styling - Sean Panella
Makeup & Hair - Seana Gorlick
Model - Naduah Rugely