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Reeperbahn by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo

About two weeks ago we published Berlin based fashion photographer Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo‘s first story for Ben Trovato. Today we’re unveiling Lukasz’ second story for us, and this time the story is put to Hamburg and its famous red light district Reeperbahn. “We just want to do some colorful funny story of a girl around this hood. She is the girl to watch,” Lukasz tells us, adding “She’s a new eye-catcher with more importance than the lights, sex shops and dollhouses around her.

The inspirations that accumulated into the story were the current trends in fashion with strong colors and interesting patterns, and how all of this blends in to a location like Reeperbahn. “The first idea was actually to shoot at a playground. But then I thought that’s too cheesy and we need more edge. So we went in a completely different direction the red light district. The goal was not to identify the pictures with idea of sex and crime, more of a funny and fashionable clash.

Playing the leading role, model Lina from PMA was a true champ for keeping her concentration all through the shoot: “- She was very funny and had to fight with us against the groups of guys that celebrate their bachelor parties! But it worked well and we all were happy to work with her on this story.

With a completely different team than last time Lukasz made sure he brought in at least one familiar face in stylist Jennifer Daubitz: “We’ve worked together few times before, and we know each other since her time at the university where she studied fashion journalism. Now she is the fashion editor at OK! Magazin. For both of us it was the first time together with Boris the makeup artist. He was really nice and funny. And it was not the last collaboration, that’s for sure!

Jennifer Daubitz says “[..] this season is all about color and patterns and how you can make them work together. From mille-fleur to classy stripes and from bright orange to iridescent yellow - everything is possible to create a very unique style! We wanted to catch this explosion of colors and variety and make it look all grown-up and playful at the same time. We therefor chose a vibrant urban surrounding for our photo shoot. We found that the colorful houses with their painted fronts and the luminous advertising signs all over Reeperbahn were the perfect match to our styling.

Photography by Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszo
Styling by Jennifer Daubitz
Hair & Makeup by Boris Rieker @ Blossom Management
Model - Lina @ PMA