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Rebel Restrained by Jack Williams

Jack Williams capped a feature in our One Frame Fame section a while back, but today he’s getting his real debut on Ben Trovato. The Dallas based photographer teamed up with model Rebecca (Becca) Shugart and Caroline Webb in order to shoot something special exclusively for us. The result was a wonderful story entitled Rebel Restrained.

Becca was only in town from New York for a little while and I knew I had to shoot something with her, I loved her look the first time we shot but I wanted to do something different this time, using a lot of natural light,” Jack says, and goes on to explain that they had a great day on set producing the story: “- I like to think the shoot is a mixture of 3 like minded people, we all know what we want to do and how we want things done, we listened to a lot of music and shot some photos on top of a taco stand.

He tells us that he’s found a lot of inspiration in the works of Hugh Lippe, Dan Martensen and David Bellemere lately, something that has had its influence on his work and approach. “- I’m trying to shift my work into something more like what I love to look at,” he explains.

And in order to do that, he needed a model that fit his ambitions, and Becca certainly did: “- Becca is awesome to work with, she doesn’t need much direction at all. One of the coolest models I have ever worked with. She has a attitude about her that I love to shoot. I will be shooting with her again in the future for sure.

With only three people on set, Jack says he was able to keep a relaxed vibe spiced up with some of his favorite music.

The third member to the pack, stylist Caroline Webb, has worked with Jack on several projects lately, and they seem to enjoy working together: “- We have similar tastes in style and attitude, neither of us give a shit about doing what someone else wants, we both want things our way. So we work almost exclusively with each other on shoots.

Jack actually started shooting a while back, traveling around with his skate friends taking pictures. But it wasn’t until May 2011 that he booked his first agency shoot. From there on it’s been a ride, but it doesn’t stop here: “- My plans for 2012 include shooting as much as possible and shooting as many editorials as I possibly can. I want to shoot how I want every time I shoot. I should be traveling to LA or New York this summer to work with other photographers and hopefully shoot as much as I can and meet as many new people as I can.

Photography by Jack Williams 
Styling by Caroline Webb
Model - Rebecca Shugart
Clothes from The Piermarini boutique of Dallas Texas