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Self Portrait by Mazen Abusrour

Inspired by the immense self obsession that rules the new media age, with girls constantly snapping photos of themselves in the mirror - often with a flash on - Dubai based fashion photographer Mazen Abusrour set out to do it properly. “I was going out with a couple of friends when one of them took out her phone and took pictures of herself in the mirror, so I thought it would be interesting if one of my shoots was based on a ‘first person’ perspective in the same way,” Mazen tells us.

With the use of a huge mirror, fashion model Albe Hamiti shot herself using Mazen’s point and shoot, directed by Mazen himself. “We used natural light; from the window, and in some shots, a reflector on the opposite side. I had to check the frame and the composition before each snap. Actually I was impressed by the Albe’s photography skills!

“It was a lot of fun to work with her, and she added a lot to the concept, not just providing the poses.”

Mazen had worked with the whole team multiple times before, and knew what he was going to when planning the project. Fashion stylist Lisa Strannsten said “The plan was to do a retro style editorial. The moment I saw the location, I decided to go for colors as dusty pink, olive green and burnt orange which also goes perfect with the model’s hair color. The hair and make up helped a lot; achieving the retro style.

Photography by Mazen Abusrour
Modelling by Alba Hamiti
Styling by Lisa Strannsten
Hair by Shindesu Shin
Makeup by Joven J.