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Pont Alexandre III by Waldemar Hansson

Swedish photographer Waldemar Hansson has been a regular here on Ben Trovato for a while now, always sending us his latest work. Pont Alexandre III was shot in beautiful Paris for the latest issue of Zink Magazine, and features model Mariana Idzkowska. The styling was done by Kawa H Pour, who’s been working with Waldemar for a while now.

The vibrant story is a great addition to his portfolio, really manifesting his style. It’s been around the web for a good week now, and getting well deserved attention from blogs all over, and now it made it on to Ben Trovato.

Photographer - Waldemar Hansson
Stylist - Kawa H Pour
Make up - Serge Hodonou
Hair - Stéphane Clavier
Stylist assistant - Alexandra Alexi
Photographer assistant - Victoire Thierée
Model - Mariana Idzkowska (justwm Paris)

Check out his portfolio here.