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Playing With Fire by Ryan Kenny

19 year old photographer Ryan Kenny stumbled into fashion photography earlier this year when being interview by Fallen Magazine, and now his already had his work published in both i-D and Oyster this year. Today he’s making his debut on Ben Trovato with an exclusive fashion story entitled Playing With Fire. “I’ve been lucky to “fall into” it and I’m exploding with ideas and motivation at the moment,” Ryan explains, something he showed when planning and producing his first story for us.

Apart from the obvious themes of escapism, freedom and survival, Ryan says he wanted to create something a bit left of center: “- I didn’t want to create a typical “survivor” editorial. I wanted it to be a tad dramatic and eerie, as if Rachel might be setting the whole place on fire. The name for the story comes from the stone’s song but also my obsession with fire. I’m a bit of a pyromaniac, even though I failed to get a couple of the fires going. Luckily (thanks to The Front, in Sydney) we had a fog machine, which provided us with the perfect smoke affect.

Dreams, he explains, are often his biggest source of inspiration: “- I have pretty wild dreams and I sometimes write them down. I Had one about a girl who set a tropical island on fire just for the hell of it so that was a bit of the inspiration for this. I also am heaps into those classic shots of Kate Moss in places of paradise. My inspirations usually come from people; there are so many interesting characters out there.

Luke Byrne, who was featured on Ben Trovato with an exclusive story back in August together with Andy Irwin, helped out on the shoot, and filmed the amazing video that goes with the story. See the video at the bottom of the article. The band Wolf & Cub also collaborated on the production, recording an exclusive track for the video. Ryan is excited how it all worked out, and how the team pulled together: “- It was a breeze! Luke and I are old mates and having him on board, shooting video and helping was great. Ruby [stylist] and I have worked together on shoots for Oyster, her ideas and visions are always bang on. Rachel and I met at fashion week; she’s a great personality so I was extremely psyched she was involved. Had a great time! Also, a big shout out to our mates Wolf and Cub for recording a great new track just for the video!

Stylist Ruby Heery says through Ryan that she pointed out that “if the styling was too “natural” it could look like the “survivor” vibe that I was trying to steer away from. So she organized more modern and vintage pieces that make the shoot what it is - David Bowie and Harley Davidson t-shirts, new gear by Camilla and Marc and Ksubi; all the good stuff.

And next up for Ryan Kenny? “- My plans for the future are to keep moving. I’m moving to Sydney at the start of the New Year. Excited to meet new people, form new relationships and getting my hands dirty. I’d love to shoot another story for you guys sometime soon, if you’ll have me!

Of course we will. Credits under video. 

Photography - Ryan Kenny
Videographer & Assistant - Luke Byrne
Stylist - Ruby Heery
Model - Rachel Rutt @ Chic
Equipment provided by The Front
Exclusive soundtrack by Wolf & Cub