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Photography by Spencer Wohlrab

“- When I was 12 I would flip through the yellow pages to find ads for tanning beds, because they always had pictures of babes in bikinis, thinking ‘This photographer is the luckiest guy in the world.’ So I saved up my allowance for a couple of months and bought a Polaroid camera, which I only used to take photos of cars. You should see those photos. Their pretty rad.” That’s how New York City based photographer Spencer Wohlrab describes how he got into photography. Now he’s working closely with Milk Made and ABC Journal, and you can always find his work floating around the pages of these online publications, along with anything closely following New York Fashion Week.

Currently he is working on a book, that will be self published, and he is hoping it will hit the New York art scene by fashion week: “-It will be a photo journal touching on deceit, love, romance, and lament and will hopefully get me a lot of exposure in the young art world and become a gateway for me to shoot more commercial work.”

When asking him about his inspiration he says his inspired by heartbreak, and that you can always find a hint of desperation and longing within his work.

Check out his portfolio here.