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Photography by Natalie Kucken

Seventeen year old photographer Natalie Kucken began shooting at the age of fourteen, creating dreamlike worlds to collect and keep in pixels. She says everything around her is inspiring: the way people move or talk, morning light and thought shown in material form. Most of her work, however, is inspired by her dreams and stories of dreams.

I ask her what makes her work special, she answers:

it is my own, and while I’m still growing I sense a feeling in my photographs: a dream, an undertone, a glowing light storm of youth and innocence.

Her work has been published in several independent magazines, a novel, and of course numerous blogs. “I have yet to be published large-scale, I will be soon,” she says confidently, and we agree.

But what about the Michigan based prodigy’s plans for the future? “I plan to do what I want as much as possible, move to a city in a year when I finish high school to work hard and travel as much as possible. Figure things out. My plans center around photographing, and immersing myself into fashion photography, shooting beautiful campaigns and editorials.

I want to see everything just as much as I want to capture everything.

Check out her portfolio here.