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Photography by Hannes Caspar

Berlin based photographer Hannes Caspar has been shooting for 5 years and has a great passion for portrait photography: faces, personality, and communication between people is what truly inspires him. It comes to no surprise that Hannes curates a portrait website called Facity, delivering a fresh portrait from various cities around the world on a daily basis.

Although Hannes is a busy bee, so far he has only been published in small magazines.
-At the moment I am working with a New York agent on the publication of my first book. Most likely, however, the book will not be released until next year. I am in the process of expanding my international portrait-project Facity since a relaunch is planned for the near future. Simultaneously I work on other photo-projects, that are realized step by step.

Hannes’ portfolio is filled with soft toned photos centralized around emotions, have a look together with us.

Check out his portfolio here.