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Photography by Dylan Reyes

Dylan Reyes - a 22 year old talented photographer that caught our eye - is based in Nashville TN and is preparing to make the move back to Brooklyn NY this month. He started shooting around the age of 15 when he was in India with his father, there he started documenting an orphanage. He noticed that he came back with some powerful images and felt that he was naturally attached to the art of photography.

-Really everything that grabs my attention inspires me” Dylan states. ” -Women, I think they are such a powerful gender. Pure and untainted or bold and enticing. They grab my attention, sometimes my complete attention. Music is also a big source of inspiration to me. I develop many visions while listening to instrumentals.”

Dylan is determined to make a strong portfolio that really gets to peoples heads, this selection of his work clearly showcases how he manages to do so: raw, powerful pictures with a retro feeling.

More at dylanreyesphotos.com.