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Photography by Zeb Daemen

We could easily label Zeb Daemen as an up and coming young photographer but that would be a total underestimation of his talents. If you look at Zeb Daemens portfolio you can only conclude one thing: this guy is already there.

A little bit more about Zeb: He lives in Antwerp, Belgium and has been photographing for about 5 years. His work has been published in a gazillion magazines: Glam It, Weekend Knack, So Chic, ILoveFake and Elle Girl to name just a few. He gets inspired by unforgettable movies from his childhood, music and books. Steven Meisel is by far his favourite photographer. At this moment Zeb is retouching some shoots and he got two shoots up his sleeve: one for fashion designer Lena Lumelsky and one for Eastpak.

Furthermore: Let the pictures speak for itself!

Portfolio available at zebdaemen.com.