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Photography by Victoria Leites

Based out of Buenos Aires, Victoria Leites has had her work published in publications such as Dnite, Doux, L´Etat Second, Fringe Indie Mag and others. She inspired by a variety of things, including movies, music, art, and many more: “- I’m an art lover, so I’m constantly open for creative moments. I get inspired by moments, and feel I’m pretty spontaneous when it comes to my photography. Maybe it’s a look, a light, lasting one second and that’s all it takes to make magic.

She started shooting several years ago, in her teens, but wasn’t until 2005 she really fell for the art form: “- I had the opportunity to buy my first manual camera, and since then, I’ve loved to photograph and freeze situations, moments, and stories.

Right now she’s in the process of finishing two art projects: “- One has to do with my thesis on Religious Temples, and the other is an Urban Project on photographs of the city of Buenos Aires. I am also doing books, tests, editorials and campaigns.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.